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Here our clients and future clients can talk all they want. Give testimony, anything. So enjoy!!

This is our blog post. We are hoping that people will use this to post about our community. Both local and the Coyote WorldWide community that we have called the Coyote Pack! So please feel free to post anything you'd like just please keep it clean. :-) 

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I want to thank the crew of coyote Electronics. They provided me with excellent customer service both over the website and on the phone. They fulfilled my needs perfectly when I didn't even know what I wanted and also gave me a great deal. With just a simple explanation of what I was using the system for they perfectly matched it to my needs and my education level thank you again. Sincerely a new loyal customer.


Dude that was some fast work you did for my system. Thank you very much! I will come back to get more services when your shop is up and ready. We are looking forward to seeing that shop!


Coyote it appears that you have done another great website. I hope that you remember me, I bought several computers from you and your guys over the years as well as for my family and my business. I want you to know that the first computer that you sold me in 2003 is still alive and running as good as it did the day you built it! My 9 year old uses it now for his school and other things. I just saw that you had invited me to your new facebook page and found the website thru there. Thank you for opening back up and bringing your extreme abilities to the market again. We will be ordering upgraded systems soon!