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Coyote Electronics

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About Us

Coyote Electronics started off as a small one man computer repair and custom build company. After time passed, many clients had spread the word so fast that we grew rapidly to the point that we started taking many orders. Not just locally and domestically, but Internationally as well. After the rise of "youngsters" using online videos to buy whatever was cheapest and build systems, the owner and the team decided to back down on custom builds ( Unless we were specifically asked ) and service all the client built "custom" systems that were being brought in to us at an alarming rate. The owner then said that he wanted to let the world know that unlike some competitors and such, we will NEVER just throw the lowest price/quality parts in a box and sell for high dollar which has allowed us to hold our 0 warranty claim record!! We will ALWAYS hold to that by getting nothing but the HIGHEST quality components for our clients which will allow them to enjoy their systems for years to come.